warpstream playground

warpstream playground

The warpstream playground subcommand creates a temporary WarpStream account, provisions a local WarpStream cluster (writing to memory by default), and provisions a producer client to send data to the Agents.

The following table displays the available warpstream playground arguments.



Custom hostname value to advertise to service discovery for clustering purposes if the custom advertise strategy is selected


Which hostname strategy should be used the agent should advertise itself on. Auto means that it will try to automatically find an IP that makes sense. If you select custom them you have to also define -advertiseHostnameCustom. Currently supported strategy: [auto-ip4, auto-ip6, local, custom]. (default "local")


Object storage bucket URL for new writes (default "mem://warpstream_playground")


Port to run HTTP server on (default 8080)


Time after which the Kafka connection will be closed. This mechanism helps load balance the clients by forcing them to query the bootstrap URL again. By resetting the connection periodically, clients are evenly distributed across available Kafka connections. (default 8760h0m0s)


Port to run kafka server on (default 9092)


URL for WarpStream service (default "https://api.playground.us-east-1.warpstream.com")


Controls whether the agents will enforce that all connections are SASL authenticated. Will automatically disable Kinesis support if enabled


End playground after this duration has elapsed (default 4h0m0s)

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