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WarpStream offers an integration with the AWS Marketplace that enables payment with an AWS billing account. Purchasing WarpStream through the AWS Marketplace provides several advantages:

  • All WarpStream consumption is paid for by the organization's AWS billing account, including WarpStream’s fees.

  • New vendor onboarding and procurement channels are simplified.

  • If an organization has an EDP agreement with AWS, billed usage from WarpStream will retire EDP commitments.

WarpStream supports both pay-as-you-go and minimum commitments through the AWS Marketplace.


By default, the WarpStream AWS Marketplace listing is set up for a month-to-month pay as you go subscription model. For other arrangements, such as our committed usage model, or custom payment terms, refer to the Private Offers section.

Continue with the steps below to proceed with monthly pay-as-you-go billing.

Step 1: Log into AWS

Users need to be authenticated with AWS in order to purchase WarpStream through the Marketplace. Log in and select the account that you want to be billed for your WarpStream usage. Note that this account does not need to be the same account in which you deploy WarpStream or your client applications.

Step 2: On the AWS Marketplace listing for WarpStream, click “View purchase options”

First, navigate to the AWS Marketplace listing for WarpStream.

Then, click “View purchase options”.

Step 3: Configure your contract


Leave the “Renewal settings” on the default selection of Yes, otherwise your subscription will end after one month and you will have to re-subscribe in order to continue using WarpStream.

Contract options and units

To simplify billing and contracting, WarpStream only has one “unit” of usage that gets reported to the AWS billing system for pay-as-you-go arrangements. You will still receive an invoice from WarpStream with a detailed breakdown of billed usage.

For pay-as-you-go arrangements, enter “1” for WarpStream Usage units. At the end of each monthly billing cycle, WarpStream will meter your actual usage and bill that amount to your AWS billing account in 1-cent increments.

Step 4: Finalize the contract

After setting Auto Renew to Yes and entering 1 for WarpStream Usage, click “Create contract”.

Then, click “Pay now”:

Your AWS billing account will be charged for $0.01 immediately. Then, at the end of each month, WarpStream will meter your usage in arrears.

Step 5: Complete registration

After clicking “Pay now”, enter your registration details:

This registration enables WarpStream to link your Marketplace contract to your WarpStream account.

Step 6 (skippable): Sign up for WarpStream

After clicking “Complete registration”, you will see this message:

If you do not already have a WarpStream account, click “Sign up for WarpStream” and complete the signup process.

If you already have an account, you can skip this step.

Private Offers

WarpStream offers committed usage contracts, which enable you to enter into an agreement with WarpStream to commit to a specified amount of total consumption.

In order to leverage the AWS Marketplace integration and committed usage arrangements, WarpStream uses Private Offers on the AWS Marketplace.

The mechanics of Private Offers are similar to those for pay-as-you-go arrangements. There are WarpStream Usage units that are denominated in increments of $0.01, and WarpStream consumption will be metered and reported to the AWS Marketplace monthly in arrears.

To receive a Private Offer, refer to the steps below.

Step 1: Contact WarpStream about a committed usage arrangement

To learn how you can enter into a long-term agreement with WarpStream, contact us.

WarpStream will discuss aspects of your workload, create an estimate for your total consumption and cost of ownership, and present this arrangement and its relevant terms and conditions to you. These terms will be outlined in an Order Form.

Step 2: Inform WarpStream that you would like to transact through the AWS Marketplace

After settling on the terms of the deal, WarpStream will create a Private Offer that reflects the details of that arrangement. The Order Form from Step 1 will be attached to this Private Offer.

To finalize this process, you will need to provide the AWS Account ID that you would like to use for the transaction. Note that this AWS account does not need to be the same account where you will deploy the WarpStream Agents or object storage. It is only used for billing purposes.

Step 3: Accept the Private Offer

WarpStream will create a Private Offer that will be sent to you via email. Once you accept the Private Offer, the billing schedule will take effect and usage will be charged to your AWS account. Usually, Private Offers are billed in advance for the commitment estimate, and any overages during the contract term will be billed month in arrears. If there are custom payment terms, such as a quarterly or monthly payment schedule, these will also take effect when the Private Offer is accepted.

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