Change Pipeline State

Changes the state of an existing pipeline.

POST /api/v1/change_pipeline_state

You can either start/resume a pipeline by setting state to "running" or pause it by setting state to "paused". You can also update the pipeline to a specific configuration by providing the deployed_configuration_id.

Request Body (JSON):

  "virtual_cluster_id": "vci_xxx",
  "pipeline_id": "pipeline-xyz",
  "desired_state": "running" // or "paused" (optional)
  "deployed_configuration_id": "config-123" // (optional)

CURL Example:

curl \
-H 'warpstream-api-key: XXXXXXXXXX' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-d '{"virtual_cluster_id": "vci_xxx", "pipeline_id": "pipeline-xyz", "desired_state": "running"}' 

Response Body (JSON):

  // Empty JSON object (or a success status code)

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