warpstream kcmd

warpstream kcmd

The warpstream kcmd subcommand can be used to interact with a WarpStream cluster. It provides similar capabilities as the Apache Kafka command line tools for administering a Kafka cluster.

The following table displays the available warpstream kcmd arguments.



Kafka bootstrap host


Kafka bootstrap port


Client ID to pass along to WarpStream


Group to perform an operation on


Key to use for the produced kafka records


Offset to consume from (used in conjunction with the -fetch subcommand) (optional)


Partition to consume from (used in conjunction with the -fetch subcommand) (optional)


Number of partitions to create (used in conjunction with the -topic -create subcommands) (optional)


Password for SASL PLAIN authentication


Double comma (,,) separated strings to produce as records (used in conjunction with the -produce subcommand)

-timestamp list-offsets

Timestamp to use for the list-offsets request type


Dial with TLS or not


Topic name


Can be one of: produce, fetch, diagnose-connection, create-topic, list-topics, delete-topic, fetch-offsets, describe-groups, broker-metadata, commit-offsets, list-groups, describe-group, list-offsets


Username for SASL PLAIN authentication

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