Specify the WarpStream control plane region for BYOC deployment

You can control the cloud provider region that your Agents connect to by overriding the URL that the Agents use to connect with the WarpStream control plane. This configuration is controlled by the -region command line argument, or by specifying the WARPSTREAM_REGION environment variable.

By default, the WarpStream Agent will use us-east-1. If you want to point to a different region, you can do:

export WARPSTREAM_REGION=ap-southeast-1

Or run the agent with the following flag:

-region ap-southeast-1

If your Virtual Cluster is deployed in ap-southeast-1, setting the region in the Agent to ap-southeast-1 will enable the Agent to communicate with the control plane in ap-southeast-1. Note that the Agent does not need to be deployed in ap-southeast-1 in order to communicate with the control plane located there, but co-locating Agents in the same region as - or as close as possible to - the control plane that they connect to will minimize latency.

Currently supported regions for BYOC are:

  • us-east-1

  • ap-southeast-1

  • us-west-2

  • eu-central-1

You can contact us to request a new region by sending an email to support@warpstreamlabs.com.

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