Configure Clients to Eliminate AZ Networking Costs

With WarpStream, there are no Availability Zone (AZ) networking costs between agents. This means you can produce and consume data from different AZs without incurring additional networking expenses. The same applies to agent-client communication: WarpStream eliminates AZ networking costs, allowing you to connect clients only to agents within the same AZ.

Requirements for Client-Agent Connection in the Same AZ

To connect your clients to agents within the same AZ, you need to:

  1. Ensure there is at least one agent in the same AZ as your clients.

  2. Append the following value to your Kafka client's ClientID: warpstream_az=<your-az>. This flag indicates the AZ in which the client is operating.


Here is an example of how to set up the clientID with the AZ flag:

availabilityZone := lookupAZ()

clientID := fmt.Sprintf("warpstream_az=%s,availabilityZone)

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